Kennel Saint Minion


`` JONNA``


S. CH Sasha Von New Glandorf &
 D. CH Saint Minion Giggle

Hearth OK, Knees 0/0, Eyes clear,
Spine normal

Weight 12 kg

Height 33 cm

Born. 12.01.2016


Pedigree EKL

Mother of K and L litter

4 years

favorite place for Jonna


14.08.20 Speciality for bulldog.
BOB breeder cl. Joanna children was in ring! 1/3. PP

14.08.20 Speciality for bulldog.Joanna progeny cl. 1 and PP     Judge H. Tonkson EST

8.09.2018 NDS at Luige. Open. EXC/2
 Judge M. Lewandowski from Poland

2.07.2017 NDS in Tartu, Ülenurme. Interm.EXC/1, CQ, EST CAC, BF 3. Judge. Janusz Opara from Poland

18.06.2017 NDS in Luige. Interm. EXC/1, CQ, EST CAC, BF4. Judge. Pedro Ivo Santos Bispo from PRT.

10.06.2017 National show in Vanamõisa, Harju country

Interm EXC/2, CQ. Judge-Breeder R. Vaitkunskiene LT

     8.04.2017 Speciality for IX group in Tallinn.

       JUN EXC. Judge: A. Klaas from EST

15.01.2017 Speciality for VIII and IX group in Vaimastvere.

JUN EXC/3 Judge: I. Zizevskis from LT

5.02.2017 National show in Valga

JUN EXC/4. Judge: J. Muldoon from IRL

4.02.2017 National show in Valga

JUN EXC/3. Judge: J. Wall from IRL