Saint Minion Ian aka Rico Season`s Greetings!

Happy Holidays!

10.-11.12.2016 `` Helsinki Winner 2016`` and ``Finnish Winner 2016`` in Finland. Saint Minion Ian`` Rico`` was both day CH/EXC. Judges Jari Laakso FIN and Stefan Shinko SLO. Well done!

7.12.2016 Happy Birthday C litter!
Saint Minion Ciselle aka Sissi 10 years.

26.-27.11.2016 National show in Narva. Saint Minion Eloise  first day VET EXC/1, CQ, VET CAC , BF3, second day VET EXC/1, CQ, VET CAC and now she EST VET CH and LT VET CH.
Big congratulations, Irja. Well done!

6.11.2016 INT show in Tartu. My dear Saint Minion Eloise again in VET/ EXC/1, CQ, VET CAC and BOB VET. Congratulations and well done,  Irja - Robi !

23.10.2016 Happy Birthday Edward, Eloise, Edison, Enrico! Already 8 years!

 ( CH Fabulous De La Parure & Ch Salsa)

On pictures.

 My special boy who is represented in all my kennel youngest offspring pedigrees.


  Saint Minion Edward  8 years

Saint Minion Eloise 8 years

 who several times won  the title

``Best Breedingdog of the year``

and today in her birthday, Lithuania won LT Vet CAC and BOB VET

Saint Minion Edison 8 years

10.09.2016 Speciality for Bulldogs and Pugs. Saint Minion Ian aka Rico CH/EXC/1, CQ, LV CAC,BM/1, LV CH and BALT CH. Judge Svetlana Radzjuk from BY.

Congratulations and hot hugs for owners!

19.08.2016 Specialty for French- , English Bulldog and Pugs in Vanamõisa. Saint Minion Jolie aka Berta was very promising, PP and Puppy 2.
Judge Boris Shapiro from France.
Hot hugs to  Viive and  to little Berta!

14.08.2016 National show in Tartu. Saint Minion Jokker PP and BOO puppy.
Judge Brenda Banbury from UK.
Congratulations to Gerly and kiss to little boy!

17.07.2016 National dog show in Plunge LT. My dear boy EST-, LT JCH, LT Club JW 15, EST CH
 Saint Minion Ian`` Rico`` CH EXC/1, CQ, LT CAC, LT CH and BOO. Judge Livija Zizevske from LT.
Big congratulations to Aveli ! Well Done!

6.07.2016 Saint Minion Izzie passed her health test:

Hearth normal and knees 0/0.

19.06.2016 I, II and IX Specialty in Vanamõisa. My dear Saint Minion Jolie `` Berta`` PP and BOB Baby. Great thanks for judge Claudio De Giuliani from Italy. Congratulations Viive and kisses for my little princess!

28.06.2016 Our smallest from kennel went  first time on show. Saint Minion Jolie PP, BOB Baby, BIS IV Baby, Saint Minion Jokker PP, Baby 2 and offspring out of Saint Minion Ian - Rocco PP, BOO Baby.
Congratulations owners!
Big thanks for judge Hedi Kumm and Harry Tiits for wonderful pictures!

Saint Minion Jolie

Saint Minion Jokker

Rocco - Son out of Saint Minion Ian

14.06.2016 Today left behind a rainbow my
 Saint Minion Benita. Sleep  peacefully my dear.
26.01.2005 - 14.06.2016

17.04.2016 ``Tallinn Winner 2016`` in hard competition Saint Minion Ian `` Rico`` was OPEN EXC/1, CQ, Class Winner and Best Male 4.
Judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo from Spain.
Well done Aveli and Rico!

6.03.2016 National show in Tallinn, Saint Minion Ian
´´ Rico´´ Interm. EXC/1, CQ, EST CAC, BM1, BOO and EST CH. Judge Zaur Agabeyli Azerbayan.
Hot hugs to Aveli, Margus and Rico.

24.02.2015 IBKMTÜ club choose EST JCH, LTClub JW2015, LT JCH, RUS JCH Saint Minion Ian ( Rico)
 JUNIOR DOG 2015 II place and DOG OF THE YEAR 2015 III place. Congratulations Aveli and Margus, well done

Saint Minion Eloise
did it again got BEST BREEDINGDOG 2015!
Congratulations Irja, well done!

14.02.2016 our Saint Minion Aston 12 years old! Good health for him!

12.02.2016 Happy 2 Birthday, Iris, Iron, Isaac, Ian, Isobel, Irmely, Izzie!!!

26.01.2016 our dear seniors CH Saint Minion Benita and Saint Minion Balthasar became today 11 years old!!!

12.01.2016 We have puppies!


26.12.2015 Today Saint Minion Isaac visited me with his family from Finlad. Was wonderful 2 day of Christmas!

7.12.2015 Saint Minion Ciselle today 9 years old.

23.10.2015 Happy Birthday Eloise, Edison, Edward and Enrico, today E litter 7 years old!

On pictures Best Breedergog 2012,2013, 2015 Saint Minion Eloise and C.I.B., MULTI CH Saint Minion Eloise.

14.09.2015 Saint Minion Ian ``Rico``health tests, knees 0/0, eyes clear and heart normal.

3.09.2015 Today I meet daughter of my Edward. Here proud girl  La `Sambelles Xavierra Douce Comme 

Xeres ( i. C.I.B., LT JW 2010, LV W 2011, MULTI CH Saint Minion Edward &  La` Sambelles VioletteAromatique) 1 month.


20.08.2015 Spetciality for bulldog and moloss, ``Baltic Bulldog 2015``, my dear boy Saint Minion Ian ``Rico`` was Interm. EXC/1, CQ, Best Male 4. Exhibition was attended  by 71 bulldog only 12 got EXC. Judge Stanley Drusdale UK, kennel Portmain. 

Well done my boy!

3.08.2015 Born in kennel La`Sambelles wonderful bulldog babygirl, whos father our C.I.B., LT JW 2010, 

LV W 2011, MULT CH Saint Minion Edward.

30.07.2015 Saint Minion Iris ``Gigi Jr`` and her family visited me. It`s very nice afternoon today.

26.07.2015 National show in Riga. Saint Minion Ian  ``Rico`` JUN EXC/3. Judge Pedro Sanches Delerue 

from Portugal.

23.07.2015 Saint Minion Fransesca  visited Viljandi.

18.07.2015 Today I met Saint Minion Fransesca and her sons Cooper and Chopper. Boys are grow men!

15.07.2015 Today visited me Saint Minion Franklin with his family.Was very nice to see him.

10.07.2015 Today visited me  ``Bella`` with her family. On picture grandmother Dahlia Du Champagne, mother Saint Minion Giggle, daughters Saint Minion Isobel and Saint Minion Izzie. Was the real game in the rain!

22.06.2015 Today our darling   Saint Minion Dottie left the land of the rainbow. Deep compassion to Riina!

10.06.2015 Our pearl of the I litter, Saint Minion Ian  ``Rico`` after his title EST JCH, RUS JCH, LT JCH, LT Club JW 2015 also EKL JUNIOR DOG 2015 on 5 place.

Just great!

Congratulations and big thanks for Aveli and Margus!

30.-31.05.2015 International show ``Estonian Winner 2015``in Tallinn. Our Saint Minion Ian ``Rico`` JUN 

EXC/3 and son Saint Minion Fransesca , Cooper  (Golden Carelia Black Boss & Saint Minion Fransesca)

OPEN EXC/1, CQ. Judge Ron Besoff from Australia.

Well done!!!

22.05.2015 Speciality for companion and toydogs in Lithuania - Moletai. Our Saint Minion Ian ``Rico`` JUN EXC/1, CQ, LT JCAC, BOB J,  JW. Now our ``Rico also LT JCH and LT Club JW 2015.

 Judge Sven Helgesen from Norway.

 Biggest congratulations!

I`m very  happy for You over Aveli, Margus and offcourse ``Rico``.

11.-12-04.2015 International show ``Tallinn Winner 2015``. Our Saint Minion Ian``Rico`` JUN EXC/2, CQ.

Very well, Rico!   Judge L. Pajulaid from Estonia.

5.04.2015 National show in Russia, Kingissepa. Our Saint Minion Ian ``Rico`` JUN EXC/1, RUS JCAC, BOB J, BM1, BOB and now RUS JCH. Judge Larissa Kizina from RUS.

Congratulations to next title!

5.04.2015 Happy Easter! Our Saint Minion Isaac``Bruno`` from Finland visited as today with his family.  It was great to see him again.

1.03.2015 National show in Tallinn. Our Saint Minion Ian ``Rico`` was again JUN EXC/1, CQ, JUN CAC, BOB J, BM2 and now he EST J CH. Finally


Judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi  and BIS Anca Giura ROM

Fantastic weekend!

 Our new Champion  of the next generation! 

Hot huggies for owners and kiss for  my boy!


28.02.2015 National show in Tallinn.

 Our Saint Minion Ian ``Rico`` was JUN EXC/1, CQ, JUN CAC, BOB J and Best Male, BOO. Judge Anca Giura from ROM.

Congratulations Aveli, Margus, Rico!!! 

15.02.2015 Our first bulldog Saint Minion Aston born in my kennel got today 11 years old!  Good healthy future my Aston boy!!!

12.02.2015 Happy Birthday!!! Our I litter 1 year old!

On picture Saint Minion Ian ``Rico`` and Saint Minion Iris ``Gigi ``on birthday morning.

26.01.2015 Happy Birthday!!! Our B litter 10 years old!

Good healthy future for them! On picture Saint Minion Balthasar and Saint MinioBenita

10 years.